The Walla Walla Housing Authority Office is open Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 5:00pm; we are open during the noon hour.  Please visit our Calendar for office closures.  We are located at 501 Cayuse Street, Walla Walla, Washington  99362 (cross street is West Cherry Street; building entrance is on West Cherry facing Washington Park).

Telephone 509.527.4542    Fax 509.527.4574
Hearing-impaired please use the Statewide relay service number 1.800.833.6384


Click to access the link to the WWHA Public Records Policy.  For assistance or to make a Public Records Request by letter, email or telephone, contact:  Rosanna Morgan, Administrative Services Director, 509.522.7815 / (include "Public Records Request" in the subject line).  Please use the Public Records Request Form.  Requests must include:  Name, address and contact information of the requestor; date of request; description of the public records requested, adequate to locate the records; and whether the requestor wishes to inspect the records or is seeking copies of records and in what format (printed or electronic).  Some records are exempt from disclosure; please refer to Appendix A of the policy for exemptions.

Staff Directory

Renee Rooker, Executive Director  509.527.4611

Rosanna Morgan, Administrative Services Director  509.522.7815

Julissa Cerda, Information Coordinator  509.527.4542
Alma Lara, Family Services Coordinator  509.527.4606

Amy Allred, Finance Directory/Deputy Executive Director  

Julie Hanson, Controller
Tammy Nelson, Accountant
Sara Flores, Accounting Specialist  

Sarah Schroeder, Rental Assistance Director  509.522.7814

Laurie Peterson, Rental Assistance Specialist  509.527.4607
Mayra Gomez, Rental Assistance Specialist  509.527.4609
Jose Robles, Rental Assistance Specialist  509.522.7813
Paul Fasciano, Housing Inspector  509.526.6277
Elena Garcia, Eligibility Specialist  509.527.4612

Property Management Team

Anita Aguero, Occupancy Specialist 509.522.7812
Margret Aquino, Occupancy Specialist  509.522.7817
Tim Greeson, Belmont Apartments Site Coordinator
Shelby Stilson, Compliance Specialist  509.527.4610

Harlan Wolf, Maintenance Director  509.527.4542

Josh Hanson, Maintenance Technician-II  509.527.4542
Jose Pesqueira, Maintenance Technician-II  529.527.4542
Greg Watson, Maintenance Technician-I
Jason Woods, Maintenance Technician-I
Jeff Snook, Maintenance Technician-I
Jerrell Weaver, Maintenance Technician-I
Jordan Snook, Maintenance Technician-I
Scott Parker, Maintenance Technician-I
Will Matschukat, Maintenance Technician-I
Joanne Bomar, Maintenance Coordinator
David Zamora, Maintenance Custodian
Randy Hammond, Maintenance Custodian
Xander Freiberg, Groundskeeper
Bob Adams, Groundskeeper
Marcelo Sotelo, Groundskeeper