The Walla Walla Housing Authority Office is open Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 5:00pm; we are open during the noon hour.  Please visit our Calendar for office closures.  We are located at 501 Cayuse Street, Walla Walla, Washington  99362 (cross street is West Cherry Street; building entrance is on West Cherry facing Washington Park).

Telephone 509.527.4542    Fax 509.527.4574
Hearing-impaired please use the Statewide relay service number 1.800.833.6384


Click to access the link to the WWHA Public Records Policy.  For assistance or to make a Public Records Request by letter, email or telephone, contact:  Rosanna Morgan, Administrative Services Director, 509.522.7815 / (include "Public Records Request" in the subject line).  Please use the Public Records Request Form.  Requests must include:  Name, address and contact information of the requestor; date of request; description of the public records requested, adequate to locate the records; and whether the requestor wishes to inspect the records or is seeking copies of records and in what format (printed or electronic).  Some records are exempt from disclosure; please refer to Appendix A of the policy for exemptions.


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